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Community supports and influences it’s residents (various services, essential resources, representation, advocacy, etc.) and its residents have the power to impact their community through their contributions (talents, voice, advocacy, etc.).

It is highly important that we (individuals, social groups, and communities) know how to effectively communicate with each other to stay unified and strong. Being brave enough to start hard conversations about things that matter can open doors to empathy and needed change. Although we may not agree on methods and philosophies, we have common goals and must learn how to work together while building sincere & trusting relationships. Using our strengths as a people, improving on our weaknesses, facing our fears and differences that so easily divide us are steps that we can take to be a resilient and awesome people, community, and country - not only communicating but connecting.

The Scene Drama Works uses drama therapy to not only better communicate with each other but to effectively connect with each other, strengthening our humanity and communities. We are committed to using the tools of drama therapy and our other resources to work with our communities in:

  • building effective voices of self-expression and advocating for positive change

  • using Community Cultural Wealth

  • providing skills for How To Have A Hard Conversation

  • providing effective listening and communication tools

  • encouraging genuine respect for each other and appreciation for our differences

  • encouraging the practice of positive and action oriented attitudes

  • sharing skills to work together toward common goals

  • providing healing tools and more

These are some of the things that help maintain a resilient and strong community that cannot be easily divided.

We work with (but are not limited to) schools, universities, community centers, recreation centers, churches, and business offices to help maintain cohesion within their organization. We also work with entities and social groups that need help working together.

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Feeling secure, valued, and having a sense of belonging in our communities with opportunities for self-enhancement, and working & playing together is not impossible with passion, hope, the proper tools, action, and working together. Fears and differences can be used to strengthen rather than divide.