What Is Drama Therapy ?

An Action-Based Process Toward Positive Change

What is Drama Therapy ?

"Drama therapy is defined as the intentional use of drama and theatre processes to achieve therapeutic goals. Drama therapists provide psychotherapy for individuals living with mental health and behavioral concerns that may result in psychological suffering, impaired relationships, or distress in daily activities. Drama therapy promotes wellness and healing within the context of a therapeutic relationship for individuals of varying ability levels across the lifespan..."

" ...Drama therapy is an embodied practice that is active and experiential. This approach can provide the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals and solve problems, express feelings, or achieve catharsis. Through drama, the depth and breadth of inner experience can be actively explored and interpersonal relationship skills can be enhanced. "

"Drama therapy is [also] an active, experiential approach to facilitating social, emotional and cognitive change..." ~NADTA

How Does Drama Therapy Work?

Drama therapy uses play, embodiment, projection, role, story, metaphor, empathy, distancing, witnessing, performance, and improvisation to help people make meaningful change.

A drama therapist first assesses a client's needs and then considers approaches that might best meet those needs. Drama therapy can take many forms depending on individual and group needs, skill and ability levels, interests, and therapeutic goals. Processes and techniques may include improvisations, theater games, storytelling, and enactment. Many drama therapists make use of text, performance, or ritual to enrich the therapeutic and creative process.

The theoretical foundation of drama therapy lies in drama, theater, psychology, psychotherapy, anthropology, play, and interactive and creative processes.


Note: Drama Therapy is not reserved or limited to actors. All may take advantage of its benefits. Also, prior theatre experience is not a requirement of a client to participate in drama therapy. Drama therapy is about the process.

Unique Benefits of Drama Therapy

In drama therapy clients are physically, mentally, spiritually, creatively, and actively engaged in their own healing. In addition to your Scene Drama Works drama therapist providing guidance by listening and discussing your concerns with you, you are provided the space and time to release and express yourself through creative means (i.e. purposeful improvisation, music, dance, art, poetry, photography, puppetry, rap, video) that you choose and best fits your needs. The projected details important to healing are given attention as you work through them with the the drama therapist's guidance (theatre techniques, methods, evidence-based approaches, and psychology). It is here where :

  • relationships skills may be enhanced

  • catharsis may be reached

  • insight to problems may be gained that they may be solved

  • life roles may be explored and expanded

  • personal agency and strengths may be recognized, developed, and practiced

  • voice may be found and strengthened

  • desired behaviors are practiced

  • personal stories may be seen from a vantage point of power which gives the client choices

  • social skills may be improved

  • sense of play and spontaneity may be increased

  • creativity may be stimulated and explored

  • clients have the opportunity to perform the changes they wish to be and see in the world and more

Drama Therapy offers experiential approaches, methods, and interventions with long term results due to its very nature of using multi sensory methods of body and mind simultaneously. The impact of body and mind combinations encourages action potential to fire neurons toward new neuropathways and the desired behavioral change and goals of the client.

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