Personal Growth


Want to make a change? A great start is to know your story.

What's your story?

The answers that you seek, the powers that you hold, your strengths, and the challenges that you desire to overcome are all in your story. We are here to guide you.

Drama therapy is an action-based therapy that guides and helps you to see your situation/story clearly in order to find what you need to heal and be your best and higher self. Allow us to help you recognize your story and its most repeated words and statements that shape your actions (positive and negative). You hold the power to continue those narratives, discontinue them or change them; and therefore, change your actions. See your story from a position of compassion, love, and power to work toward the amazing change you want to see and reach your goals. Understand that the pain and disappointments on the pages of your story are more than pain and disappointments. They are the soil that aids in growing the substance that builds the essence of you.

Personal growth and self-care involves showing up in your life and taking positive action. We provide a safe space to express yourself, tell your story, be heard, explore possibilities & unique outcomes, exercise & enjoy your creativity, practice showing up and taking one step at a time toward your goals, transformation, and healing. Experience the individual plan created for your particular needs and acquire tools that you can continue to use well after your sessions are over.

Personal growth and self-care can be a challenging experience and in therapy things may seem to get worse before they get better. Discovering, exploring, and working through things can be uncomfortable. However, many times surprising revelations show up in the process bringing you closer to your goals. It may be nice to see what revelations show up in your journey.

Note: Drama Therapy is not reserved or limited to actors. All may take advantage of its benefits. Also, prior theatre experience is not a requirement of a client to participate in drama therapy. Drama therapy is about the process.

Feel stuck?

Consider a new experience beyond talk therapy. Consider an experiential guidance through your journey, the roles that you play within it, and the unique way that drama therapy projects challenges to a place where you have more control. Consider the new neural pathways that may form toward desired behaviors and learning as a result of multisensory activities that The Scene Drama Works can provide.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

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The challenge is not to be perfect. It is to be whole.

~ Jane Fonda