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     Coming  Sat. AUG 24th, 2024   11:00am - 1:30pm

Welcome to our event all about Loving your personal space and setting boundaries to protect it! Join us in person for a day filled with insightful discussions, interactive activities, the healing power of expressive arts, and practical tips on how to prioritize your well-being. Learn how to say no, communicate your needs effectively, and create a safe space for yourself. Let's empower each other to embrace self-care and cultivate healthy boundaries.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself! 

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Come join us for a day of self-expression and healing in our Self Expression Workshop at City Terrace Park! This in-person event is your chance to let loose and reconnect with yourself and others. Immerse yourself in a supportive and creative environment where you can freely express your thoughts and emotions. Engage in various activities, including art, writing poems, drama, music and even a dance to express yourself. Let your imagination run wild and discover the healing power of self-expression. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, heal, and have fun! Mark your calendars and get ready to express yourself and heal!

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        When: Sat Nov. 18, 2023 

         Time: 11:00am - 1:00 pm

       Where: City Terrace Park Social Hall

                   1126 N. Hazard Ave

                    Los Angeles, CA 90063

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Dates:  Tuesdays, Oct. 4, 11, 18, 25

Time:  4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Location:  City Terrace Park

                        1126 N Hazard Ave.

                         Los Angeles, CA  90063

Fee:  $40:00 Includes 4 Sessions

Material/Supply fee $2:00

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Instructor: Pamela Modeste, RDT, MS                  

                  WHO I AM VS SOCIAL ROLES 

This workshop is for those seeking personal growth and self-care or those seeking a healthy way to manage struggles with identity. Self-acceptance, resilience, and personal agency in the face of conflicting identities and social pain are essential as we stand firm that we belong. Watch this virtual workshop to receive some healing and helpful information about our identities and how they are related to social cohesion, the absence of social cohesion, and social pain. While learning, explore and celebrate your identity through mask making and other techniques. 

Have Goals? Want to start the New Year 2022 off right?  You can actually do something about it : gain Personal Growth tools that support who you are, what you want to say, and what you want to do.

Want a healing Adventure?

Join A Hero's Journey: A Healing Adventure! Oct. 16, 2021  1:00 - 3:30 pm ET

Explore the adventures of your life through drama and other expressive arts. You are the hero of your journey. 

It is a collaborative virtual workshop, which will explore components of A Hero's Journey through various expressive art therapies. Participants will be invited to select a breakout session that will provide an opportunity to focus more deeply on one of the expressive art modalities highlighted in this workshop (music, drama, movement or art) as it intersects with a specific focus/chapter within A Hero's Journey narrative. Participants will learn creative/arts-based therapeutic approaches for personal exploration and will learn to utilize A Hero's Journey as a narrative tool for inner work and healing.

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The workshop presenters include: Pamela Modeste MS, RDT, Brian Abrams, Ph.D., MT-BC, LCAT, Dr. Laura Teoli Ph.D., LCAT, ATR-BC and Nathalie Robelot, MA Intermodal Expressive Therapist