Intergroup Conflict

Community Services

People are social beings and naturally are drawn to groups and tribes of similar values, experiences, culture, religion, and interests for reasons of survival. When that survival is threatened by actions of another group; effective communication expressing conflict, point of views, needs, and compromise is necessary in order for both groups to coexist peacefully.

Sometimes the different values, experiences, cultures, and interests get in the way and one or both groups can only see their own interests. Without the proper communication, skills, and tools to break through barriers, a mutually beneficial and peaceful outcome may be difficult to accomplish.

We recognize that conflict is inevitable for social growth and we are committed to supporting social groups through the process. We work with (but are not limited to) schools, universities, community centers, recreation centers, churches, and business offices.

While including sociodrama, we provide a safe space for participants to holistically engage in activities designed to meet the goals and needs of the groups: discuss, explore roles and possibilities, build relationships, get out of their chairs, and work out the issues in the here and now. Discover what could be accomplished collectively with determination, creativity, and the unique ways that drama therapy guides through the heart of the situation and needs.

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