About Us

We Are Here For You

We Care                                                                        

Interested in the strength, well-being, and mental health of our communities; the Scene Drama Works, Inc. (SDW) encourages unity, inclusion, empowering groups and individuals to be effective voices of advocacy and action with the intention that all individuals, groups, and families can thrive, embrace each other & enjoy life, contribute, have a secure sense of belonging, and work  together towards common goals.

Our Country is struggling through division and hurt and is in search of relief and solutions. SDW acknowledges that we must start with our communities (groups and individuals) by helping navigate the steps toward honest and many times hard conversations, compassion, empathy, healing, transformation, and knowing what our stories are really about.

SDW recognizes that the above involves individuals and groups that tangle with personal growth struggles, mental health challenges, awareness, and fears, that need to be addressed.  We meet our clients where they are with unconditional positive regard, understanding,  no judgement and only the desire to help.

Our Vision: A community culture of social cohesion that embraces mental health and well-being for all.

Our Mission: To inspire and help build a healthy community of individuals and groups equipped with the tools of healing, self-care, resilience, embracing differences & positive change, and support for each other.

How We Will Do This

Through Drama Therapy Sessions (individual & group), workshops of community interest and need, life scripts performances, we provide the tools necessary for individuals and groups to achieve their goals and build a strong foundation to be the change they want to see in their personal lives and communities.