In-Group Conflict

Groups and teams are an important part of society - working together for a common goal and helping to build a stronger community in one way or another.

There is such a thing as healthy conflict. Disagreements, differences of opinion, or conflicting ideas are a natural part of life and they can actually help the group make better decisions if the group understands the value of healthy conflict and how to use it to their advantage. Knowing how to work together, communicate effectively, and even enjoy working together plays a vital role not only in completing tasks, accomplishing goals, and moral, but also how you get there. It is possible to reach objectives in a healthy manner for everyone.

Drama therapy has a unique active way of providing space for the participants to delve into the heart of it all while exercising creative expression that aids in impact and providing tools that last beyond the drama therapy sessions.

We work with (but are not limited to) schools, universities, community centers, recreation centers, churches, and business offices.

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