One Love

Life gives us all different backgrounds, experiences (wanted and unwanted), cultures, talents, faiths, abilities, aspirations, dispositions, and appreciations that make life more exciting, colorful, full of revelations and opportunities for growth. These differences can be considered as life-tools that shape individual contributions into unique treasures or gifts to society.

However, sometimes these unique treasures/gifts are not discovered or utilized because people first see the disability/challenge, different or an unfamiliar identity and therefore marginalize the worth of the human being while often dismissing their contributions. Society is missing out and our neighbors who are disadvantaged are meeting barriers that prevent them from fully partaking in beneficial daily interactions of their own communities. Social Inclusion offers a chance for us to do better. It involves the process of removing social barriers and improving the way people partake in community.

Social Inclusion brings us all together (differences and similarities) providing opportunities and rights for everyone to enjoy the quality of life in the same space of love, respect, and connectedness. Its more than just being in the same space or community event. Its about communication as an equal. Its about interpersonal contact, understanding, listening, and sincerity. Its about human to human interaction and getting to know each other.

The Scene Drama Works encourages inclusion in the daily activities of our communities. We want to be apart of its advocacy. Lets explore into the hearts, concrete needs, knowledge, and lifestyles of others to tap into a rich connectedness that can move us forward as individuals and a people.

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Drama Therapy

...We Belong to Each Other

~ Mother Teresa